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Watch: Woman Marries Husband After His Death – BBC Documentary

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In a recent BBC documentary, there’s an insightful take on the long-standing tradition in Igbo land where a woman marries a man after his death.


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After Felicia Orji lost her son, Ikemefun Orji, she was determined to find a wife for him. This mother made this decision in order to continue her family lineage.


She finally found someone, Chinyere Ikemefuna Orji, who was willing to be a part of the family of one. They performed all the family rites until she became a part of the family, as the late Ikemefuna’s wife.


This practice is an Igbo custom in south-eastern Nigeria where a marriage can happen after death. Therefore, it’s not strange how a woman can be the wife of a dead person.


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Subsequently, Chinyere gave birth to three children in the space of twelve years. The father of her children is also a member of the Ikemefuna family — an extended one.


Watching this BBC documentary, as produced by Jessica Nwankwo and Chiemela Peter, you would realise how close Chinyere is with her late husband’s mother, Felicia.


Watch BBC Documentary Below:


Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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