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Watch Falz In The Hilarious Video For “Loving”

Falz just dropped the video for his new track, “Loving”. The video dropped on YouTube yesterday afternoon and has already garnered thousands of views. For this video, Falz adopts a 70s theme, coupled with a display of the live band performances that were popular in that era.


Falz is well-known for the socio-political commentary in his music. He also infuses humour with an exaggerated Yoruba accent and. But we hardly ever get to see his romantic side. But in the video for “Loving”, Falz lets the ‘lover boy’ out.


falz loving


On the love song, Falz introduces to us a girl who has captured his heart, so much so that he is already making plans to ask her father for her hand in marriage. Promising to remain by her side, Falz professes to the lucky girl, declaring, “If you need some loving, I’ll be at your door”.


The Twitch-directed video opens with a witty skit, as Falz desperately searches for band members. Though no one seems interested at first, Falz is eventually successful in securing a band of talented instrumentalists, who help him serenade his lover.


Check out the video below:

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