Watch Bosch Use Smart Robot Printing Technology To Transform A Building

Watch Bosch Use Smart Robot Printing Technology To Transform A Building

In an astonishing combination of art and technology, Bosch uses a smart robot printing technology to transform a building in the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur. The company provides additional information on how technology can improve art, architecture and automobile designs, read details here.


The company acknowledges that the way people live in a city also shapes the way they make their homes. Thus, it believes that adding colours to cities will improve homes. It does this ‘by moving things around’.


In a blog post titled, ‘Technology is changing the way art is made’ Bosch wrote that it is actively shaping the future of mobility and developing technologies that will eradicate traffic jams.


It adds that it believes that autonomous driving is the future of mobility. Many other tech companies and enthusiasts also share this dream as well. They all agree that self-driving vehicles will improve transportation. Last month, Nokia and SoftBank demonstrated this in a video as well.

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However, to show the possibility of this, Bosch uses a smart robot printing technology to paint a building. It does this in a vertical art project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. See the video of the Bosch smart robot printing technology in action below:



Speaking about the project, Managing Director of Bosch Malaysia said:


“At Bosch, we develop technology that is ‘invented for life’. Many of our solutions, especially in the automotive sectors are developed to keep you and your loved ones safe while driving. With this project we want to show our vision of an accident free future — enabled by technology.”


Bosch has been designing ‘perfectly keyless’ locking systems for cars. It is also working on Touchless Access as well for buildings. While Bosch is generally popular for home appliances, its automotive projects are awe-inspiring as well.


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