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South African Community Declares War Against Fake Pastors

With the number of rumours spreading about fake pastors, a community in South Africa refuses to take them lightly. An incident recently enraged them concerning the death of two girls identified as Nontokozo Qibi, 5, and Silindile Qibi, 6. Following the incident of their demise last Tuesday, the community has declared a war against fake pastors and native doctors.




They found the bodies of the two sisters on the morning of Wednesday, 24th April 2019. According to reports, they were found n***d after being murdered and dumped under a tree near a stream in Mganduzweni, South Africa.


Addressing the situation, the community safety commissioner, Pat Ngomane warned residents. He admonished them not to follow fake pastors or evil native doctors, especially after the death of the girls.


He addressed mourners during the funeral service.


According to Ngomane, the fake pastors and their evil native doctors counterparts should be exposed. Also, he followed up by emphasising that they are a serious danger in South Africa. He also requested that whoever has information should report to the station to give a statement.


He said:

“We want to encourage those who know what happened to come to the police and give information. If someone is a criminal who happens to be a part of killing these children, regardless of being a native doctor or pastor, they must be arrested.”


Ngomane said residents should work together to make sure such incidents don’t happen. He continued,

“The safety of the people in this area rests upon all of us. We must be responsible for the safety of our children.”




Following the incident, a resident reported that the community consulted a prophet to tell them who killed the girls.


According to the prophet, the pastor and three other suspects were responsible. One of the names mentioned was a Mpumalanga pastor Bheki Malumane, 36.


Following this, residents searched the houses of the suspects mentioned. According to reports, they allegedly found bloodstains on a mattress, a bowl full of blood and clothes covered in blood.




The resident said,

“We’re very disappointed because we trusted the pastor, a man of God. We didn’t think he would do this. We trusted him with our kids, we would even allow our kids to play in his house.”


The pastor, his nephew, Bheki Malumane, 36, and Wonder Mbuyane, 24, were killed by residents on Thursday. They allegedly confessed to the murder of the two girls.

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