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Want To Connect Your Phone To A PS4? Here’s How

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The PlayStation mobile app lets you browse PlayStation profiles, purchase content from the app and compare trophies. It also lets you automatically download to your console. There is, however, a stand-alone app for messaging. You can also use Sony’s “My PlayStation” social portal to send messages in the web browser.


This is a step-by-step guide to connecting your phone to your PS4.


Step 1: Get the PlayStation app

You will need to first make sure that your iOS or Android device has the latest version of the operating system. An iOS user will need at least a version 6.0 and Android users will need a minimum of version 4.0. If you are sure you have the updated version, go ahead and look for the “PlayStation” in the app store. Download and launch it. Follow the instructions on what to do afterward. You will now be able to access the app’s features like the PlayStation store, events and live streams.


Playstation app


Step 2: Sync the device with your PS4

You will now need to download another app. Look for the “PS4 Second Screen” app on your app store. You can also find the link to the app on the app store by clicking on the PlayStation symbol at the bottom of the page and select Second Screen. It will automatically sign you in under the same account as the PlayStation app. You can now view available PS4 systems ready to connect.


Step 3: Get started

Now that you have synced your device with your PS4, you have access to many features. You can now use your phone as a console to play several of your favourite games.


If you have an iOS device, you can download an app called “PS4 Remote Play.” With this, you can stream games from your PS4 console to your mobile devices over Wi-Fi. Once you download the app, make sure the PS4 is on. Log in to PlayStation Network account and look for your PS4 via the internet or use a manual code.


After you have done this, the devices are now connected, and you can now fully control your PS4 with your iOS device.

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