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Want To Be Popular On The Internet? Check This Out

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It’s common knowledge that a lot of people thrive on social media attention. We see many people spending a large part of their day trying to find validation online. These feelings cannot be invalidated if so, many people are feeling it. The one thousand likes and fire emoji comments by three hundred people sure feel great.


Followers increasing by the hour and constantly engaging your social media page can feel euphoric. Apart from the satisfaction that comes with it, it could also translate to money. Brands are willing to pay social media influencers huge sums to get traction for their products and services. This proves that social media attention can have you smiling to the bank.


Let’s see how you can be that person who makes all that money and gets all those likes. You can try one or all of these tips:


1. Get n***d

S*x sells. N****y always wins on social media. There is no assurance though that the comments will be all fire. Some comments will be people begging for money or somebody’s daddy trying to slide in your DMs. It still gets you the numbers if you are willing to risk it all. People will follow you for a beautiful half-n***d photo of yourself on the gram. It is important to make sure the photos are high resolution though. Sometimes, you don’t even need high-resolution photos. However, there is no promise of getting high profile advertising clients. A lot of brands may not want to identify with you. But you can be sure of the likes and the fire, eggplant and water emojis.


2. Be funny

This is the most common way to get attention these days, especially on Instagram. The likes of KraksTV doing their thing on the streets and Lasisi cracking our ribs with the Snapchat filter just goes to prove this. A lot of comedy careers have kicked off on Instagram. A big example is Josh2Funny, who has now taken his skits from the social media app to YouTube. Maraji is also a solid example. She once admitted to making as much as N1 million from a brand on Instagram. This one demands a lot of creativity and the market is getting even more competitive. So you probably need collaborations and famous friends to be seen. You also need to be funny.


3. Be weird

Regular is so two thousand and late. Nobody cares for the norm anymore. If you want attention, you must get it by force. You can be Bobrisky, Speed Darlington, Funny Toyeeb — anything but regular. Your eccentricity, extremism and loud mouth might get you a lot more hate than love. But one thing is for sure; you will get the numbers, you will get the views, and you will surely get our attention.


4. Be rich

Showing wealth gets you love in real life and online. Everybody loves a page with flashy cars, luxurious locations, good food, beautiful scenery, expensive clothes and so on. There will be a lot of comments with people begging you for money. You have the money though, so it’s not a problem. Right? You are rich. Even if you are not, you might just want to get attention by playing rich online. Most people don’t get caught online, so your secret will be safe for longer than you know.


5. Be famous

A lot of people are famous for specifically no reason. They just have entertaining profiles. They hang out with the musicians and the actors. You see them on popular hashtags attending top events, but they do not particularly do anything. This would require you to live a somewhat flashy lifestyle. If you have a few famous friends, ‘network’ to get a few more. Get them to also like your comments and reply your comment on their pages. You will start to gather relevance online. It works. You can also date someone famous and kick-start a career as a chef. This tip is proven and trusted.

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