You are currently viewing Wana Sambo’s New Collection Featuring Laila Johnson-Salami Has A Message For All Women

Wana Sambo’s New Collection Featuring Laila Johnson-Salami Has A Message For All Women

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Not long after celebrating both Women and Mother’s days, eponymous brand Wana Sambo has a lot more to say. The brand praises the modern woman with this new collection featuring multi-media journalist, Laila Johnson-Salami.


The paradigm shift from women considered as less than befitting, to being amongst the game changers is amazing. It’s no surprise that the advocate, Laila Johnson-Salami, is the feature girl of this masterpiece collection.


Wana Sambo unveiled the first part of its latest fashion campaign tagged “The Modern Woman”. This occurred just after heading to Accra, Ghana for an SS19 campaign with singer Efya.




The Modern Woman Collection

According to the brand,

“A Modern Woman should embrace her femininity without giving too much away. That is why, for the Wana Sambo Modern Woman Collection, vulgarity is not an option.


“All cuts, patterns and drapes were carefully created to channel strength, poise, uniqueness, and sophistication. With hints of masculinity and buckets full of feminine edge, Wana Sambo’s latest collection accentuates the best parts of a woman without giving away her power.”




The brand continued,

“The Modern Woman understands that to stand out she doesn’t have to be vulgar, but her voice needs to be heard.


“She seeks equality. She is to be recognised as one who is as good as any man in any role. However, sunderstands that men and women are different in certain ways and absolutely accepts it.


“The modern woman is unapologetic about her beauty, her brains and her kick-a*s personality, which all comes together to make her uniquely HER. The modern woman does not conform to the school of thought that says ‘she must not threaten the man.’ A modern woman accepts that being a woman will probably be complicated and, as a result, she doesn’t judge other women for their choices.


“In the pendulum of equality, women are constantly trying to find a balance between having a family and raising kids while working from home, working a 9 to 5 or being a CEO, etc. Because she understands these struggles are just like hers, she supports other women.”




“The Modern Woman is confident, dynamic, humane, compassionate and unstoppable. Therefore, we chose the face of this collection very carefully: Laila Johnson-Salami.


“Laila Johnson-Salami is a multimedia journalist, an advocate for women and youth empowerment, and the co-Founder of the We Rise Initiative.


“She is a Politics and International Relations graduate from the University of Westminster. She is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria where she runs LJS Productions, a digital media and content creation agency.


“Salami has previously worked at the House of Commons for MP Chris Williamson and Spice Television as a Presenter, Producer and Voice Over Artist. Currently, Laila contributes to the Financial Times and corresponds for the Commonwealth Council.”





Credit for all photos: Wana Sambo

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