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Volkswagen Is Changing Its Logo

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It looks like it is the season for brands to change their logos. Plat4om reported earlier that Android changed its logo. Now, for the first time since the year 2000, Volkswagen will also change its logo. An improvement in the quality of a logo is always a good thing.


The German automobile company is moving away from the roundish blue-and-white sign. This time, they are introducing a simple black-and-white logo. Volkswagen will unveil the logo officially on a new car in Frankfurt, Germany.



Although, the new logo has been seen around recently. For example, the company’s new Hello Light ad campaign had the logo. The company carried out this campaign to create awareness about Volkswagen’s new brand of electric vehicles. The logo has also been unveiled in some other prototype vehicles. However, it looks like the logo will officially appear on Volkswagen’s upcoming car, the new MkVIII Golf.


Volkswagen isn’t the only automobile company making this happen. British automotive company Lotus Cars also made changes to its logo. The company has now settled for a simpler and flatter logo. Lotus specialises in sports and racing cars.


Lotus also Changed Its Logo for the first time since 1989


Both companies did not stray too far from their previous logos. This is a smart move of course as they are already big brands. They would still want to stay familiar and recognisable. However, the change was able to create a more modern impression.


Volkswagen, known for dated rugged cars, seems to be looking to create a more modern outlook.

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