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Vivo Becomes Second Most Sold Smartphone In Indian Market Overtaking Samsung

Despite the coronavirus challenges in India, its smartphone market has grown by about 12 percent as Vivo overtook Samsung in number of phone sales in Q1 2020.


Undoubtedly, Samsung is still a more popular phone maker in the world at large. However, Vivo’s victory over it is notable as India has the second-largest smartphone market.


However, Xiaomi maintains its lead at the top of the chart. According to statistics from Canalys, Xiaomi shipped 10.3 million smartphone units in the first quarter of 2020. This gives the Chinese electronics company a market share of 30.6 percent.


Vivo, which recently became second beating Samsung in India’s market for the first time ever, has a market share of 20 percent. It had shipped 6.7 million smartphones, this represents a 50 percent increase from last year’s figure.


Meanwhile, Samsung sold 6.3 million units in Q1 2020 which gives it a 14 percent market share. Canalys’ graph shows that this is the company’s worst quarter sales since Q1 2017.


In addition, Realme and Oppo finished the quarter at fourth and fifth respectively. Realme had sold 3.9 million smartphones while Oppo had sold 3.5 million units.

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Since Chinese BBK Electronics owns Vivo, Realme, Oppo and OnePlus, it shows the company’s growing strength. As it stands, in Q1 2020, BBK (collating data from only Vivo, Realme and Oppo) had a market share of over 40 percent.


This figure dwarfs Samsung’s 14 percent and beats Xiaomi’s 30.6 percent.


Also, for the sake of comparison, all other smartphones in the Indian market shipped a combined over 20.4 million units in Q1 2020. While BBK alone sold nearly 14.3 million smartphones in total.


Yet, Canalys Analyst Madhumita Chaudhary has called this a “bitter-sweet” victory. He explained that this is because the ‘sales’ were part of planned stockpiles ahead of the high-profile Indian Premier League (IPL), of which Vivo is the main sponsor.


Now, with the lockdown and postponement of the league, Vivo will likely be unable to meet this sales figure listed above. Therefore, Vivo may ‘actually’ overtake Samsung.


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