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Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit Rocket Livestream Plans Announced, Alien Engineering?

Alien Engineering Rocket Virgin:

Have you been to Space? I doubt you have, only if you have a Space rocket. This alien kind of engineering is sending people and satellites into orbit.

Virgin Orbit sets first orbital launch for May 24

Alien Engineering Rocket Virgin

Virgin Orbit completed its first successful mission in January and has plans this month to deploy seven satellites using the same process. The company plans to live-stream the whole process.

“For the first time ever you’ll be able to watch the mission live on launch day with Virgin Orbit’s official mission Livestream, available via their YouTube page,” the company mentioned this week.

Virgin Orbit
Virgin Orbit


In order to be fully ready for this event, the company said “The team at Virgin Orbit has been hard at work completing final checks ahead of the next mission to space,”

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The California-based company prides itself as a revolutionary service that provides launch solutions for small satellites. It has a unique style of satellite delivery that involves firing a rocket from a converted jumbo jet.

There are currently no confirmed launch dates for this project, although the company announced it will happen in the closing days of the month. Space enthusiasts and media will certainly anticipate any further news about the day.

Space X
Space X first rocket launch


Other companies in the satellite deploying are Elon Musk’s privately-owned “Space X” and Jeff Bezos’s owned “Blue Origin”. The rivalry between these companies has accelerated, to the point of starting a civilization in Space.

Blue Origin
Blue Origin Launches rocket


Nasa two months ago awarded the Artemis moon lander work project, to its rival SpaceX. Blue Origin has intensified plans to make commercial space flight available. The company has started bidding for a hefty $4.8 million.

Space travel has been relatively expensive but as more companies innovate this alien kind of engineering, we are sure to get to relatively commercial flights to and back from space. Space X’s reusable rocket launch technology has cut down new rocket acquisition costs.

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