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Viral Video: Gorillas Make Hilarious Effort To Avoid Rain At South Carolina Zoo

A video posted by a zookeeper in South Carolina Riverbanks Zoo went viral. The video captured the hilarious moment of gorillas attempting to avoid rainfall on 3rd May 2019. While we are aware that these species are human-like, the actions caught on camera seals the deal. It’s similar to how humans try to avoid the rain. Although, while we do have clothes or precious hair to protect, it’s weird these primates are protecting their hairy skin. Alright, that’s hair – so what?


In the video, four adult gorillas with two baby gorillas clinging to their mothers were seen during the downpour. Meanwhile, they cautiously looked for an escape route to drier ground while huddling beneath an overhang near a public viewing space in their enclosure.


“Gorillas are magnificent, majestic creatures full of grace and beauty… except when it rains,” zookeeper Brooke Hunsinger captioned the video on Facebook.


Gorillas make a hilarious effort to avoid rain at South Carolina Zoo


One gorilla, named Acacia, hugged the wall of the overhang in an effort to minimise wetness and bolts into a space within their domain. Then two other females, Macy and Kazi, carrying their babies, Mo and ZaKota, followed. Finally, the male dominant silverback gorilla who patiently waited for the females then swiftly moved into a drier place.


What caught people’s attention when viewing the video were the expressions they gave. The facial expression got people laughing at the gorillas’ disgust for rain. They flashed their teeth while walking by one by one.


“Gorillas don’t like getting caught in the rain either… Our keepers spotted the family troop as they were heading inside to avoid last Friday’s downpour,” the zoo wrote on Facebook on 8th May.




Zookeepers said they ‘can sure see why’ the video has been viewed more than 7.5 million times, seeing as the gorillas’ expressions are so relatable to humans not liking the rain. Now, the video has been viewed over eight million times and counting.


Riverbanks Zoo currently has two male and three female gorillas.


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