You are currently viewing “Vikings Valhalla”- A Well Deserved Sequel To The Original “Vikings” Series

“Vikings Valhalla”- A Well Deserved Sequel To The Original “Vikings” Series

If you are a lover of historical thrillers with suspense and adrenalin rush, then “Vikings Valhalla” is the film you should be binging on.

The eight episode series start off with a bit of bloodshed at the St. Brice’s Day massacre, when the British killed the Viking communities on their shores.

"Vikings Valhalla"- A Well Deserved Sequel To The Original "Vikings" Series
Stars of “Vikings Valhalla”


Barely escaping with his life is Harald Hardrada (Leo Suter) who joins the rest of the Vikings summoned to Kattegat by King Canute (Bradley Freegard) to launch a counter attack on the English.

Among those arriving in the bustling port city are Leif Erickson (Sam Corlett) and his sister Freydís (Frida Gustavsson), who have an ulterior motive for attending the Viking get-together.  In Kattegat Freydís will discover her destiny while her brother Leif will make up his mind on which faith he will embrace.

"Vikings Valhalla"- A Well Deserved Sequel To The Original "Vikings" Series
Leif Erickson (Sam Corlett) and Freydís (Frida Gustavsson) on set of Vikings sequel
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There are still some similarities with between the original “Vikings” series and this sequel. First, the war between the christians and pagans persist even though they raid and battle together. Also, the sacrifices to Odin,( pagan god) and open s*xual activities amongst Vikings is still explored in this film.

However, this sequel doesn’t give enough background story to the original series.  Adventures of legends such as Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Bjorn Ironside from the original “Vikings” series were downplayed in this sequel.

“Vikings Valhalla” is presently streaming on Netflix

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