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Video Games Can Ruin Your Love Life

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Video games used to be all fun and games. Now, it’s very serious business. It is sometimes a reason for violent crimes, and more people are getting lost in the world of gaming. It is now just as addictive as drugs, and people are leaving their jobs and families to indulge in a world of fantasy.


A number of wives and girlfriends have complained of having issues with their spouses’ overindulgence. Some women have taken to the Internet to lament on their issues with it. One woman in the United States said she cheated on her husband because he kept getting lost in the world of gaming so much that she could no longer connect with him emotionally.


Relationships and Gaming


Another woman said that her husband will sometimes play for over 15 hours at a go. It caused him to lose his job and, eventually, his family. His wife complained of being lonely and feeling like a widow. Some other parents complain that their teenage or young adult sons have lost motivation for real-life activities, and will rather play games on and on.


There have been cases where even children are neglected due to a parent’s game addiction. Police removed six children from a home in America after they were found living in filth due to their mom being addicted to games.


The addictive reality of video games

Some games are super guilty of this crime. Fortnite, an online video game developed by Epic Games, is tagged as one of the most addictive games online. Some people hold it responsible for sabotaging relationships.


Fortnite video games and Relationships


Some argue that the relationships might not actually have the strength to stand the test of time anyway. To them, the guilty party might have just found an escape with gaming. The foundation of the relationship itself might be shaky anyway. But do gamers know that they are addicted? A young man once wrote in a blog post that his wife confronted him for neglecting her, and he was not aware of what she was talking about. He did not realise at the said time that there were any issues with him or the relationship. He claimed he and his spouse played games together before they got married.


Gaming memesSome spouses have also complained that their gaming significant others have made a deeper emotional connection with other gamers leading to cheating.

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