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Houseparty app

Video Chat App Houseparty Bought By Epic Games

Houseparty is a popular app among young gaming enthusiasts. The company behind the very popular “Fortnite” game, Epic Games, recently acquired the app.


The video chat app recently moved into gaming with some interesting new features. It has integrated games and screen sharing capabilities.


Houseparty admitted earlier that the app was quite popular among gamers. People were using the app to chat with friends while playing Fortnite.


Epic Games said they have no intentions of making any changes to the app yet. In a statement, the company’s CEO, Timothy D Sweeney, said the acquisition of Houseparty will let the app’s development build more fun shared experiences.


The app became popular with millennials because it made it easy for people to hop into their friend’s video chats. This is provided the other users have the app open.


Epic Games' Houseparty app


Houseparty confirmed Epic Games’ acquisition of the whole company. This includes Life on Air, the company that builds the app.


The team behind the former extremely popular live-streaming app, Meerkat, also came up with the Houseparty app. It lets up to eight people share a video chat.


Meanwhile, Houseparty CEO Sima Sistani will stay in charge of the app after the acquisition. The app has actually gained some popularity among young people in the United States.


Statistics suggest that it has been installed 35 million times since its launch on both Android and iOS. Houseparty was founded back in 2015 by a team led by Ben Rubin.


Since the first quarter of 2019, however, the number of downloads faced a decline to about 2.3 million new users. This was from 3.7 million downloads that it had in the first quarter of 2018.

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