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Victoria Inyama & Ubi Franklin’s Baby Mama Sandra Iheuwa Fight Dirty On Instagram

Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama and one of Ubi Franklin’s baby mamas, Sandra Iheuwa, have unsheathed their swords on Instagram.

Vicoria Inyama Sandra Iheuwa

Sandra Iheuwa thought to advise single mothers like herself but it resulted in a duel of words between herself and Victoria Inyama.


Writing in an Instagram post, Iheuwa advised single mums to save for the rainy day and not concentrate on flaunting a rich lifestyle.

“If you collect child support every month put that money to good use by starting up something even if it’s small because that money go stop someday if you don’t receive 1 cent from the father of your child find something to do o,” she wrote.


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A post shared by Sandra I. Iheuwa (@sandraiheuwa)

“I know someone who is a single mom but her priority in this life is to take pictures and post on Ig I don’t know if she is trying to pepper the father of her child / Children…..but sis the real come up is to level up financially….step on those necks and elevate. You can’t be slaying on the gram with $500 in your bank account”


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Victoria Inyama obviously displeased at the writeup took to the comments to caution Iheuwa, telling her to be specific with her advice

“As you stated single moms and baby mamas make it very clear that you are advising yourself. Bare it in mind that most single mums are distraught over the loss of their husbands,” she replied.

Victoria Inyama Sandra Iheuwa

Other single mothers fall into my category where they had to leave their marriage before they gey killed/die because of domestic violence. Pick your category and chill there, after all the father of your child didn’t even date you nor have marriage plans for you. Attack your co and don’t generalise with your uninformed biased mind.”


Sandra in turn hit back at Victoria Inyama, calling her a liar for saying she was abused in her marriage.


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A post shared by Sandra I. Iheuwa (@sandraiheuwa)

“Stop claiming domestic violence advocate. Your ex-husband didn’t beat you. Stop lying so people can have pity on you. You are one sick human being. Jog off ‘government property.‘ she replied


Victoria Inyama, popular for roles in Old Nollywood is a strong advocate against domestic violence. In 2019, she revealed she almost lost her life to abuse and had to flee her marriage which ended in 2018. The actress is a member of several charity organisations providing support for victims of domestic violence.


She’s yet to respond to Ihuewa’s latest attack.


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