Veteran Comedian Alibaba Debunks Divorce Rumours With Wife

Veteran Comedian Alibaba Debunks Divorce Rumours With Wife

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Alibaba, has taken to Instagram to debunk rumours that his marriage to Mary Akpobome has hit the rocks.

Veteran Comedian Alibaba Debunks Divorce Rumours With Wife

Reacting to the news of his marital crisis, Alibaba posted a cosy picture with his wife on his Instagram page. He explained in his caption that he was away from his family during the yuletide because he on isolation.

“We have gotten calls and messages about the status of our marriage. We are still married and we thank everyone who sent messages and were concerned about the rumour which started because I was not home during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

There was no need to explain to everyone that I was in isolation. And we thank God I pulled through. We appreciate your best wishes.” He wrote

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Meanwhile, the rumour alleges that Alibaba’s wife allegedly kicked him out of their home at Victoria Garden City over allegations of infidelity.

In January, Alibaba revealed on Instagram how he spent the yuletide in isolation due to COVID-19. He advised his followers to stay safe as he is aware of people who have died from the virus.

With Alibaba’s post, it is evident that the couple is doing well and have no plans to end their blissful marriage. Alibaba and Mary Akpobome tied the knot in 2006.


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