You are currently viewing Veteran Actor Pete Edochie Talks About His Phobia for Flying

Veteran Actor Pete Edochie Talks About His Phobia for Flying

Veteran actor Pete Edochie says he has a phobia of flying. According to the legendary movie star, traveling by air scares him.

Veteran Actor Pete Edochie Talks About His Phobia for Flying
Pete Edochie

Best known for his lead role as Okonkwo in a Nigerian Television Authority adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s all-time best-selling novel, ‘Things fall apart’, Edochie explained being unable to overcome his phobia for flying, he’s had to a life devoid of distractions.

In his interview with Vanguard, the 75-year-old thespian stated: “I don’t like flying, it scares me a great deal. And I have tried as much as possible to ensure I try to overcome that phobia but I never succeeded.

If it’s possible to travel abroad in a car, I will do it. That’s why I created around me the kind of life I want to live, devoid of distractions.

I have a lot of books I always read, and I have mini studio where I play my classics music”.

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Pete Edochie recently broke his silence on his son’s choice of marrying a second wife

Speaking in a fresh interview with Vanguard, Pete Edochie said he didn’t feel good about his son’s decision but that was his choice to make.

“I didn’t feel good, but like I said, I’m a Christian and I read the Bible. Solomon, with 700 wives and 300 concubines, was branded a man of wisdom .

It’s his choice and for whatever reason he decided to take a second wife, that’s what I can say. “ he was quoted as saying.


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