You are currently viewing Veteran Actor Pete Edochie Advices Women On How To Live With Cheating Husbands

Veteran Actor Pete Edochie Advices Women On How To Live With Cheating Husbands

Veteran actor Pete Edochie recently dropped a word of advice for women with philandering husbands.

Fatal Arrogance': Islamic group attacks Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie -  Daily Post NigeriaThe actor in an Instagram post on Sunday 14th March explained that the practice of repeated marriage and divorce among women due to cheating husbands should be discouraged.

In the video, while addressing issues surrounding infidelity in marriages and polygamy, Pete said it is not in the nature of Nigerians to divorce and remarry repeatedly like “white women”.

He urged wives to adopt more creative approaches to discouraging their men from engaging in extramarital affairs by giving them condoms while they go on long trips.

“Solomon had 1000 wives and 700 concubines. If a man decides to take many more wives, what are you going to do? Nothing,” Edochie said, making reference to the case of the Biblical King Solomon.

“If you think your husband is going out to have an affair, put a packet of condom in his bag. When he sees it, he’ll know you have his interest at heart. If it is in his intention to stray, he’ll pull himself together.

Not that But women are not even creative. You want to be like wild women who keep on divorcing and remarrying. It doesn’t suit us. It doesn’t go down well with us. No!”

Watch the video below

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This will not be the first time the veteran actor will be giving his two cents on marital issues. In January 2020, the actor went viral after he said it is wrong for men to kneel before women.

He revealed that the idea of men kneeling down to propose is against the Igbo tradition.

The veteran actor insisted that kneeling before a woman means the man is handing over his authority.

What is your take on Pete Edochie’s advice to women with cheating husbands? Is putting a condom in his suitcase, not a way of endorsing his promiscuity?. Do you think this method will do any good?.


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