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Value Impressive Handheld Steam Deck Starts Selling On February 25th

Gaming Company Value has announced that its handheld console Steam Deck will sell on February 25th. The impressive gaming console will be taking on the Nintendo Switch spec for spec. Due to its limited supply and the ongoing chip storage, only customers with reservations would buy the console.


It’s nice to have a sale date, as the device which was announced in July 2021 with a December shipment has been delayed by almost 2 months. This is a result of shortage problems and the current supply chain challenges. The company says that customers with reservations would receive an email on the 25th, and will have up to 3 days to make an order. Orders placed on that day would start shipping on the 28th to customers.

The Steam Deck
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Value’s gaming handheld device starts at $399, with more expensive $529 and $649 models respectively. This gaming device is powered by AMD’s quad-core Zen 2CPU which uses the RDNA 2 graphics card. The base model has a hefty 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. While the more expensive $529 and $649 models have 256GB and 512GB NVMe SSD storage respectively. The Steam deck also has a high-speed microSD card slot for additional storage.

Physical components

This handheld is running the newest version of Steam Os, at the front is a 7-inch 1280 x 800 touchscreen for 720p gameplay. It also has the typical ABXY buttons, two shoulder triggers on each side and four buttons at the back. Unlike the Switch, it has a D-pad, and native Bluetooth audio.

The other connectivity ports that ships with the Steam Deck include full-fledged USB-C ports for HDMI, Ethernet, Standard Bluetooth and USB data. This device can stream to other devices including TVs, laptops and even connect to other peripherals such as keyboards, mice and others. Steam will still allow you to reserve the Deck for just $5, although it would take “after Q2 2022” to be able to make an order.



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