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How To Fly Safely In These Covid-19 Times

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The federal government of Nigeria recently opened up the airspace for local flights after all flight activities were grounded for over 3 months because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


The interstate travel lockdown formerly imposed was also finally lifted, much to the relief of many. However, before you go touring the country you need to keep in mind some precautionary measures you should observe to travel safely.


Here are some tips on how to fly safely this season.

1) Wear a mask at the airport. Also, wash your hand frequently and consciously abstain from touching surfaces.


2) Avoid crowded areas like the food court, luggage areas, or anywhere that puts you in contact with a lot of persons. Also, maintain a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and others as much as possible.


3) Limit your interaction with airline staff and other passengers while flying.


4) Before you sit, sanitize your sitting areas like the arms and seat.


5) Eat well before you leave your house. Also, pack your own food and snacks as most airline restaurants and shops will be closed because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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You should also check your chosen airline for updated guidelines and flying policies. The mandatory seating capacity for airlines is 70%. Also, they’ve been changes to seating arrangement so check to keep yourself abreast of new information to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Finally, be very sure you absolutely want to take that trip. Your risk of a Covid-19 infection directly corresponds to your dose of exposure, which is determined by your duration of time exposed and the amount of virus-contaminated droplets in the air.


The best way to control exposure to the virus is to limit the hazard. Since coronavirus is still very much here, ask yourself if you can eliminate the trip. For older people or people with pre-existing conditions, think really hard before you travel. It’s the same if you are going to visit someone in that position.


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