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makeup in transit

Use These Five Tips To Fix Your Makeup While In Transit

Has it ever crossed your mind to fix your makeup while in transit? Doing an 8-5 job in a big city could mean that you’d wake up very early to get to work. Nobody wants to get to work very late and still be unable to fix up their makeup.


Below are steps to help you fix your makeup while in transit.


1. Wait for a traffic light to fix your eyebrows

Wait For A Traffic Light To Fix Your Brow


It’s no surprise that you need to wait for the vehicle you’re in to stop to fix up those intricate parts of your makeup, especially your eyebrows. The shape of your eyebrows can make or mar your whole look, so wait for the red light to quickly fix it. Your eye pencil must be handy and your hand must be steady. The first traffic light will give you the arch, while you wait for another traffic light to highlight your brows.


2. Use your a foundation brush instead of your hands

Use your a foundation brush instead of your hands

Using your hands to apply your foundation while in transit may not be a good idea. Foundation brushes are readily available and very handy too. It is one item every working-class woman should have in their makeup bag. Using a foundation brush will save you the stress of applying your foundation with your hands, which can get messy along the way.


3. Use a Kajal instead of a liquid eyeliner

makeup in transit



This is because a Kajal is matte and firm in the hand than a liquid eyeliner. You can make a mistake while using the liquid eyeliner, and the next thing you are looking for a facial wipe to correct your mistake. Better still, you can wait till you get to the office to apply your eyeliner.

4. Makeup wipes are your best friend



Your makeup wipes aren’t just to clean off your makeup at the end of the day. They can also be very helpful when you are making up while in transit. If you are a passenger on a bus, you wouldn’t want to put leave a stain in another passenger’s shirt or dress. Mind you, makeup stains such as drops of foundation or lipstick aren’t easy to clean. Also, it’s important to wipe your hands thoroughly when you are done. You wouldn’t want to stain your pretty outfit or that of another passenger that early in the day.


5. Always know less is more


When it comes to makeup, there are a set of persons that can do a full makeover with minimal light. But if you do not belong to this category, ensure you go light on everything. This is most important when the day is not yet bright. The application of makeup products should be minimal. You don’t want to make the mistake of applying too much makeup on your face and get to the office looking like a ghost. Remember, it’s office makeup, so it is advisable to be moderate on everything.



makeup in transit


It’s always a good idea to have your makeup in your handbag. That way you can fix your makeup while in transit, so you don’t end using company time for your makeovers. No one wants to get in the bad books of the Human Resource unit.


Kindly note that these tips apply to persons who commute in buses and cars as passengers. It’s an offence to do your makeup while driving. You don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities on your way to work.

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