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Five Easy Hacks To Recreate Beautiful Plump Lips

Use These Five Beauty Hacks To Recreate Beautiful Plump Lips

Everyone loves plump lips but unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with them. Well, all hope is not lost because you can actually achieve your dream pout and plump lips in your next makeover. See five ways that you can make the most of your makeup to get a plump, statement-making lip.

1. Hydrate

Five Easy Hacks To Recreate Beautiful Plump Lips
Consider this to be a prep-step that’s the most important part of getting plump lips. Lips tend to get dehydrated easily and look pale, crusty and lifeless sometimes. Give them the hydration they need using your favourite lip balm or use a lip scrub that’s enriched with vitamin E for an extra boost of moisture. You could also use lip oil.

2. Overline

Five Easy Hacks To Recreate Beautiful Plump Lips

This hack works wonderfully especially for girls with thin lips. Use a lip liner closest to the shade of your lips to draw an outline outside of your natural lip line remember to not make it too thick. Then, fill your entire lip with the same shade and use your fingers to gently buff the product in such that it gets into the tiniest of cracks. You can then use any lipstick to cover all of the areas.

3. Highlight

The integral part of getting a fuller lip is to highlight it and give it some dimension because thin lips lack just that. Dab a liquid highlighter on the centre of your lower lip, and dust a powder highlighter lightly over your cupid’s bow. This will create an illusion of fuller lips.

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4. Contour

For a plump lip that looks bigger than its actual size, contouring is a necessary step just as highlighting is. Grab your powder contour and lightly dab on the hollow under your lower lip; this creates a shadow and makes your lips appear bigger. Usually, for girls with thin lips, this hollow is smaller. Doing this step makes gives it some depth and accentuate your lips.

5. Add shine

Five Easy Hacks To Recreate Beautiful Plump Lips
Glossy lips usually tend to look bigger than matte lips as they’re highly reflective. Opt for a lip gloss in your favourite shade to create plump lips. Over-lining your lips is recommended before you apply the lip gloss.


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