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US Diplomat Says EU Have No Reason To Use Huawei’s 5G Technology

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A senior US diplomat has said EU countries have no reason to use 5G mobile technology from Huawei. This is because Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung could compete with the Chinese company in the field, according to the official.


Robert Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cyber, International Communications and Information Policy at the U.S. State Department, said it was “necessary to demystify” the notion that Huawei is more advanced in 5G. He had said this during a visit to Lisbon.


Huawei has denied helping China commit Espionage Photo: Grid Engine.


The Trump administration is urging its allies to ban Huawei, the world’s largest producer of telecoms equipment. The allegations against Huawei is that its parts open the door to the potential for espionage by China.


Britain in defiance, however, decided to use Huawei’s parts in building its 5G infrastructure. Prime Minister Boris Johnson granted Huawei a role in building non-sensitive parts of the country’s 5G mobile network.

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Strayer said the United States is encouraging the EU to carefully consider the security and economic implications including Huawei’s technology in their 5G setup.


“There is no way to fully mitigate any type of risk except the use of trusted vendors from democratic countries. The good news is Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung all provide 5G technology that is on par with the one Huawei is providing today. They are leading the world in the type of technology they have,” Strayer said to reporters.


Huawei claims the US wants to frustrate its growth because no U.S. company could offer the same range of technology at a competitive price. The company also claims to have spent $15 billion in 2019 alone. It allegedly spent the amount on research to help it achieve market leadership in 5G technology.


Thus continues the US-Huawei trade and tech war.


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