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UPS Now Uses Drones To Transport Blood

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On 26th March 2019, United Parcel Service (UPS) launched the first-ever blood sample-carrying drone. This is championing the use of technology to improve healthcare.


The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the first time allowed regular commercial flights of drones carrying products. The Vice President of UPS’ advanced technology group said it was a turning point and a historic moment.


The FAA confirmed in a statement that it had previously not allowed drones to make revenue flights.



The new program by UPS will start by flying medical samples for short distances like a quarter of a mile. This would be from the medical part of the hospital to its main building. It will mostly include blood samples and other specimens for lab testing at least six times a day, five days a week.


The specimens will be loaded in a secure box and carried to a drone launching pad where it will be flown to the other end of the facility. The drones will fly above people at a distance within the sight of operators.


This new development aims to cut down transportation time of sensitive samples. However, FAA says it could expand to let the drones fly miles-long routes between the North Carolina hospital buildings. He also confirmed that medical specimen flights could start at one or two more hospitals in other American cities later in 2019.


The test will pave the way to other new ways of using drone technology.

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