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Upgrade Your Resumé With These Five Tips

In recent times, it has become a basic human need to be gainfully employed. Everyone needs to be able to generate capital. But with the inequity in population and employment, you have to set yourself apart before you can even get to the interview stage. Today, we will be dropping five tips you can use to upgrade your resumé.


1. Make sure it is current and brief

Your resumé must reflect your job history right up to what you are currently occupied with. Do not overload it with unnecessary work experiences. You don’t need to go into great detail about every single thing you have ever done.



Photo: Dane Deaner/Unsplash


2. Your LinkedIn account must match your resumé

A lot of employers would like to see what you are like online too. If you are not looking for a job as an influencer or online marketer, your employers should NEVER have access to your social media.


That is where LinkedIn comes in. LinkedIn is a very effective online platform for job searches and networking. Your account should match your resumé to the T to avoid confusion and discrepancies.


3. Your picture should not be on your resumé

When applying for a job, you do not want anything other than your qualifications and experiences to weigh in on the employer’s decision to consider you. You should be judged solely based on what you have to offer, not what you look like. If your employer needs to know what you look like, that’s what LinkedIn is for.



Photo: Bram Naus/Unsplash


4. Tailor your resumé

Shave off irrelevant information from your resumé. As said in the first tip, your resumé should be concise and straight to the point. You have to curate your qualities to present yourself as the perfect candidate to your employers. Feel free to elaborate on qualifications and experiences that pertain to the job you are applying for.


5. Make sure to spell-check

Being super-qualified won’t mean anything if your resumé is packed with grammatical errors and gbagauns. No employer wants to see that. Applications like Grammarly can help you correct all your mistakes and give you more fitting words to use.


When you’re looking for a job, you have to make sure to put your best foot forward. Your resumé will go a lot farther than you will so make sure you’re sending the right message.


Happy job hunting!


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