You are currently viewing Update: Pixel Phones Now Record & Upload Videos During Emergencies

Update: Pixel Phones Now Record & Upload Videos During Emergencies

Google’s Personal Safety app now has an exclusive record and upload of videos during emergencies for its pixel phones. This according to reports from Android Police and XDA-Developers, that hints at the new exclusive feature from Google.

To activate this feature, users can head to the personal safety app, press the Pixel power button five times. You can enable automatic sharing from the app to your emergency contacts.

Pixel Emergency SOS settings screens

Right now Pixel phones can now active this security feature after the newest update for the personal safety app. The app will automatically record continuously for up to 45 minutes; that’s if you have loads of storage.

Also, if your phone was connected to the internet before and during the emergency situation, it will automatically back up the video to your Google Account for seven days.

We might just see a Foldable from Google during its Pixel 6 and 6 Pro event. The first next-generation smartphone coming from Google is known as the “Passport”. Definitely rings a bell, yes the blackberry smartphone name.

Google Pixel Fold is coming - Android 12 Beta 4 code reveals -

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Reports from reliable leaker Evans Blass, also known as @evleaks published the leak via his tweet account on September 20th 2021. He also mentioned the device was found in Google’s next mobile operating system Android 12.1.

Leading the foldable market is Samsung’s galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3. Google will have to produce hardware that matches these smartphones in order to compete. One trending hardware feature is the high-end 120Hz screens available on the iPhone 13, Flip/Fold 3 and other premium smartphones.

The newest emergency feature from Google on its Pixel’s phones shows how much it is positioning as the best Android phone out there. Its camera’s artificial intelligence image processing is the best, coupled with its purest form of Google’s stock android.


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