You are currently viewing Alert! See update coming to web Google Docs toolbar menus

Alert! See update coming to web Google Docs toolbar menus

Google Workspace is getting an update that affects Google Docs toolbar menus and promoted key/more frequently-used features.

In an announcement on Tuesday, April 26 2022, Google says that it is updating its online document app. “We’re updating the menus in Google Docs to make it easier to locate the most commonly-used features,” it wrote.

Users are to look out for the following key changes:

  • Shortened menus for better navigation
  • Reorganization for more intuitive feature location
  • Prominent icons for faster recognition.

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The search engine company assures that it is not changing existing functionalities. Instead, its aim is to quicken navigation while making it intuitive. Also, Apps Script-related functionality will now fall under a new “Extension” menu.

Here is how the new menu should look like when you use Google Doc on web:

Enhanced menu

Additionally, this feature will not have an admin control and it will be available to not just Google Workspace but also G Suite Basic and Business customers with personal accounts. It will be slowly rolled from the end of April until May 2022.

Google Docs has been useful for many users who cannot afford to pay subscriptions for the same features from other apps. With it, you can create, edit, share, and print documents. Also, it features work, school, or personal documents templates along with a smooth collaboration feature with anyone with a Google Account.

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