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Up Close And Personal Look At Xbox Series X And Series S Consoles Design

Members of the Xbox Design Team revealed that they assembled the next-generation consoles hardware, Series X and S, to power high performance gaming experiences.


Partner Director of Design Carl Ledbetter; Principal Designer for Xbox Consoles Chris Kujawski; Senior Design Director Nicolas Denhez; Senior Designer Ryan Whitaker; and Senior Designer Erika Kelter all contributed to the informative article written by Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire Editor in Chief.


The two consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, are architectural in nature and designed to fit into people’s homes. The designing process began in 2017 and an Xbox research team visited customers with prototypes for the consoles.


While the two consoles differ in shape, size and colour, they share a common feature; the ability to be used horizontally or vertically without an additional stand. Kujawski explained about the Series S, “It was the combination of that work and an eye to how customers would place the devices in their homes that we landed on two unique and iconic forms.”


The console is smaller than the Xbox One S by 40% and this was possible by reshaping its power supply and removing the disc drive. Additionally, its compact make-up allows users transport the Series S from one place to another.


Here Is An Up Close And Personal Look Of Xbox Series X And Series S Consoles Design
Xbox Series S components breakdown.


As for Xbox Series X, the console runs on the most powerful processor or System on Chip (SoC) for any Xbox gadget. It comes with a creative cooling system that uses a sing axial fan. The console design includes splitting the motherboard in half and bolting each side to the central aluminum chassis.

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“The team was able to pull a huge amount of air through the entire system at a low enough acoustic level to keep the console running quietly and efficiently,” Tuttle wrote.


In addition, the square footprint meant that users can set the consoles up in different range of spaces. Cable management was also put into consideration when designing the Xbox Series X. It features shallow depth and tactile indicators on its rear IO. Thus, plugging cables and accessing them will be easier.


Xbox design team used a new console design approach called Intelligent Geometry. This makes the Series S and X look different and still feel similar at the same time. One of the most unique designs the consoles bring is a silhouette. This makes it blend into the environment and makes them feel like they belong among other household properties without appearing foreign.


Here Is An Up Close And Personal Look Of Xbox Series X And Series S Consoles Design
Xbox Series X will fit into house designs.


Xbox had announced that the Series S and Series X consoles will be released on 10th November 2020. However, pre-orders began on 22nd September 2020. The company says that until the official launch, it will keep providing more details about the next-gen gaming hardware.


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