You are currently viewing UNICEF Report On Nigerian Children Sparks Outrage

UNICEF Report On Nigerian Children Sparks Outrage

The United Nation’s International Children Emergency Fund, UNICEF, has come under fire, after what many term ‘A misleading report’ on Nigerian children

UNICEF Report On Nigerian Children Sparks Outrage
UNICEF Nigeria brochure cover

Netizens are fuming at UNICEF’S report that 75% of Nigerian children between the ages of 7-14, can neither read a simple sentence nor solve a common mathematics problem

Marking the International Day of Education, UNICEF Nigeria representative, Cristian Munduate disclosed this in a statement on Tuesday. Munduate urged the presidential candidates to include education as one of their priorities ahead of the election.

Part of the statement reads,

“On this International Day of Education, I join the global call to “invest in people, prioritise education”

and deliver on the commitments made by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari

at the UN Secretary General’s Transforming Education Summit in September 2022 to end the global learning crisis.

“In Nigeria, 75 per cent of children aged 7 to 14 years cannot read a simple sentence

or solve a basic math problem.

For children to be able to read to learn,

they must be able to learn to read in the first three years of schooling.

“As Nigeria’s presidential elections draw near, on behalf of UNICEF and the children in Nigeria,

I call on all presidential candidates to include adequate investments in education as a top priority in their manifestos.”

UNICEF Report On Nigerian Children Sparks Outrage
Unicef logo and the Nigerian flag

This statement has however sparked an outrage as many faulted the statement

with proofs that the young Nigerian child is smart

Let’s take a look at their comments below;

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One sir Coded wrote: “I totally disagree. Lol, they rate Africans low is things that are good,

and rate us high in bad things that we are not even known for “

Eva Dee 4real wrote: “Where did you get your facts from, the last time I checked, Nigeria have dominated the first world country. its nobody’s fault when the old western region embraced free education while the north did not value education as at then. at your own free time, check the number of graduates Nigerian produces annually? I challenge you to make the 75% derivation public.”

Topnotch Gloria also wrote: “This is a big fat lie. Nigerians are over brilliant. White people na only English cover them honestly.”

Real Sis Marks wrote: “What data is this result based on? When was this data collected? What kind of statistics analysis was carried out. Where can we see the full report? Did the analysis include group statistics covering the six geopolitical zones, 36 states (inc FCT) ? Is this a longitudinal study?”

Fortune wrote: “UNICEF should stop all this nonsense cos even in Europe and america they have a lot of this people there but they don’t come out to say this things and the same Nigerian go there and make first class and they are looking for there doctor and nurses who are they fooling”.

Meanwhile guys, what do you think about this? Do you agree with the UNICEF that 75% of the Nigerian children are dull?




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