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UK combustion-engine vehicles

UK Moves Up Timeline To Ban Sale Of New Combustion-Engine Vehicles

The UK is moving up its timeline for banning the sale of new combustion-engine vehicles. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the country will ban them by 2030 and the sale of new hybrid cars by 2035.


The Prime Minister made the announcement as part of a new ten-point plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’. Johnson had previously moved up the target to sell petrol and diesel-powered vehicles to 2035 from 2040.


“Although this year has taken a very different path to the one we expected, the UK is looking to the future and seizing the opportunity to build back greener. The recovery of our planet and of our economies can and must go hand-in-hand,” Johnson said in an emailed statement.

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Johnson says the green industrial revolution includes a broad range of initiatives to spur economic growth and address climate change. He also plans to reduce transportation emissions by investing in public transportation and researching ways to make planes and ships more green.


Additionally, the Prime Minister plans to ramp up carbon-free energy like; offshore wind, nuclear energy, and hydrogen. The entire plan is to cost the UK government a whopping £12 billion.


The new goal places the UK ahead of most of the other governments’ commitments to phase out cars running on combustion-engine vehicles. France puts its goal of ending the sale of new gas engines by 2040, while California is recently committing to do the same by 2035.


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