You are currently viewing UFC 253 Results: Israel Adesanya Vs. Paulo Costa- Fight Card & Highlights

UFC 253 Results: Israel Adesanya Vs. Paulo Costa- Fight Card & Highlights

UFC 253 Fight card and highlights are in; Israel Adesanya totally decimated Paulo Costa on Saturday night in a title defence of his middleweight title, winning by TKO in the second round.


Adesanya battered Costa’s front leg with kicks to calm the Brazilian Warriors’ trash talk in the early seconds of Round 2. By that time, Costa had wounds up around his lower half.

UFC 253 live blog: Israel Adesanya vs. Paulo Costa - MMA Fighting

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Adesanya opened up Costa’s face with a high kick toward the beginning of the second round and afterwards polished off his challenger with a left counter-punch to the vault. Costa staggered in reverse and couldn’t recoup.


Prior to the primary card on “Battle Island” in the United Arab Emirates, Jan Błachowicz vanquished Dominick Reyes by TKO, to guarantee the light heavyweight title.

UFC 253 results, highlights from Israel Adesanya vs. Paulo Costa

  • 12:41 a.m.: Adesanya wins by TKO! He absolutely dominated Costa and finished him off with a left-handed punch.
  • 12:39 a.m.: Costa is bleeding from the face after Adesanya elevates a kick. This fight is one-sided.
  • 12:36 a.m.: Costa’s front leg already looks really beat up.
  • 12:34 a.m.: Round 1 ends with Adesanya likely ahead on the scorecard.
  • 12:33 a.m.: Adesanya is focusing on leg kicks early, and it’s working well. Just chipping away.
  • 12:32 a.m.: Lots of trash talk going on in Round 1.
  • 12:28 a.m.: Adesanya vs. Costa is live.
  • 12:26 a.m.: They’re in the Octagon.
  • 12:21 a.m.: The matchup itself is epic, and the genuine dislike between Adesanya and Costa only adds to the occasion.


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