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Ubisoft Hostage Situation: Not A Game But It Could Easily Have Been

On Friday 13th November 2020, the Montreal Police had to evacuate a building where there is a Ubisoft studio due to a hostage situation. Eventually, it turned out that the tip the police got was actually a hoax.


However, an innocent bystander would not have found it funny on the afternoon of Friday. Reuters reported that police officers fully clothed in combat gear had suddenly arrived at the building in question. They came with amoured vehicles and ambulances.


According to the police, they had gotten a 911 emergency call about a hostage situation at the red brick building in Mile End, Montreal, Quebec. They claim that they had deployed an important force for the situation.

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On arriving at the scene, the police first secured the perimeter before it began evacuating people in the building. A senior community developer at Ubisoft Montreal, Eric Pope Tweeted about the event saying; “This is insane. This is my team on the roof.”



In the end, the scene that appeared to have been picked from one of Ubisoft’s action-adventure game turned out to be not-so serious. “… no threat has been detected and no injuries are reported,” the police told the public. A Ubisoft spokeswoman, Heather Steele also confirmed that all the company’s Montreal staff were safe after the hostage situation fiasco. The police said that it would dig into the call and get to the bottom of it.


Ubisoft Entertainment SA is a French video game company headquartered in Montreuil, France. It has many development studios around the world. The company is popular for games such as Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, the Tom Clancy’s series and so on.


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