You are currently viewing Ubi Franklin Calls Sandra Iheuwa’s Ex Husband Steve Thompson A Paedophile In Leaked Audio

Ubi Franklin Calls Sandra Iheuwa’s Ex Husband Steve Thompson A Paedophile In Leaked Audio

Music executive Ubi Franklin has alleged that Steve Thompson, ex-husband of his baby mama Sandra Iheuwa is a paedophile.

Ubi Franklin Calls Sandra Iheuwa's Ex Husband Steve Thompson A Paedophile In Leaked Chat
Photo of Steve Thompson, Sandra Iheuwa and Ubi Franklin

In a leaked audio recording released by Iheuwa’s brother, Franklyn said Thompson is his friend but a useless person who can sleep with her children

The Triple MG boss had reached out to Sandra Iheuwa inquiring on how to see his daughter Ariella.

In the conversation, the businesswoman insinuated that she wants nothing to do with Ubi after he mocked her over her failed marriage to Thompson.

In his defence, Ubi stated that he constantly advised Sandra from getting married to Thompson but she paid deaf ears to his counsel.


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Ubi Franklin and his baby mama Sandra Iheuwa are not new to creating social media controversies. On Wednesday, 15 December 2021, Iheuwa threatened the music executive with legal actions for posting pictures of their daughter on social media.

The drama started after Franklin shared a picture of himself and Ariella, their daughter, on his Instagram story.

His action appeared to have infuriated the businesswoman as she called out Ubi on her Instagram page.

She also warned him to desist from further sharing the little girl’s pictures on social media or risk legal actions.

Ubi Franklin Calls Sandra Iheuwa's Ex-Husband Steve Thompson A Paedophile In Leaked Chat
Instagram story of Iheuwa threatening to sue Ubi Franklin for posting photos of their daughter Ariella

Sandra Iheuwa married hair entrepreneur Steve Thompson traditionally in Mbaise Imo State on 7th August 2021. The couple had their white wedding was held on 15th August in Lagos.

However, the marriage hit the rocks in January. Thompson came on Instagram to announce he has sent his pregnant wife out of their matrimonial home.

There are rumours that the marriage ended due to continuous cheating on the part of Thompson.


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