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Uber, Lyft Share Lists Of Banned Drivers In Safety boost

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Uber and Lyft have established the Industry Sharing Safety Program today where both firms will share information about drivers and delivery workers who have been banned from each other’s platforms. They’re launching the initiative to tackle serious safety issues such as s****l assaults and physical assault fatalities to help protect users of the services.


HireRight, a workforce solutions provider, will collect and manage the data from participating companies; then match and share any relevant information about banned drivers. Uber and Lyft said the initiative “incorporates learnings from anti-s****l violence advocates over the past several years and prioritizes safety, privacy and fairness for both drivers and survivors.”

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Both Lyft and Uber operate in several countries around the world, unfortunately, this scheme is only going to run in the United States so customers in other markets will not be as well protected. The firms did not rule out sharing data in other countries, however. Going forward, the new program will be open to other transportation and delivery network companies across the United States.


If you are in other locations outside the US, there are some other safety features you can take advantage of. In 2019, Uber launched Check Your Ride notifications worldwide; the feature helps you to check that you’re getting into the right car before the journey. In 2020, Uber also launched an on-trip report tool too that lets you report non-emergency issues in the middle of your journey.



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