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Uber Is Deactivating Riders With Low Ratings

Uber is now not only wading its big stick against its drivers who are performing poorly. Riders are also going to be getting thrown off the app if they have below average ratings.


A lot of Uber customers have been getting away with bad behaviour way longer than the drivers have. The drivers thrive on ratings and, therefore, are mostly forced to be well behaved. However, the riders haven’t been dealt the same card.


When drivers encounter terrible riders, their low ratings don’t seem to change anything. But all that is about to change. Uber is now looking out for its drivers too. A new announcement by the ride-hailing company means that any customer that has a below average rating will risk deactivation from the app.



Drivers have always known they need to be well behaved so that they can keep their ratings up and keep their jobs. Riders will now start to feel the same fear as the company will start demanding better behaviour from customers if they want to continue using the app.


Customers will now start receiving tips on how to improve their ratings and will lose access once they get below average ratings. The company encourages riders to keep their ratings up by being polite, not requesting drivers to exceed the speed limit and to avoid leaving trash in the vehicle.


Uber riders will, however, receive ample opportunity to improve their rating before they get taken off the app. The fact that your drivers rate you is nothing new. If you go to your app, you will find your rating displayed under the menu bar.


Usually, unless you peek, riders and drivers do not have access to seeing each other’s rating after a trip. So a lot of users never know what score their drivers give to them. Neither do the drivers know.



The ratings are important for the drivers. This is because they are at risk of deactivation when the rating falls below a certain level. Some reports suggest that the lowest a driver should go is 4.6. But Uber does not say what the threshold is for riders.


The cab-hailing company, in 2017, introduced a feature that allowed drivers to offer additional comments about a rider’s behaviour. The drivers could choose between “attitude,” “wanted new route,” “wait time,” “patience,” “number of riders” or “other.”


If a driver gets tagged twice in 30 days, the notification that appears when they open the Uber app will inform them of how their behaviour is affecting their ratings.


There are also community guidelines that Uber publishes. The guidelines show the list of bad behaviours that can get a rider banned from Uber. Some of them are: don’t assault or insult your driver, don’t try to have s*x with your driver and don’t trash the car.

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