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Uber Eats’ New Dine-In Feature Lets You Preorder Your Meal To Eat At A Restaurant

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Uber Eats is adding another feature called Dine-in that allows you to order a meal via the app and then eat it at the restaurant. However, it is still in the testing phase.


The Dine-in option is different from the Pick-up option. It lets you place an order through the Eats app and then you go to the restaurant to collect it. The newly-added option gives you the luxury of having your dinner right in front of you within minutes of taking your seat.


Once you select Dine-in from the options at the top of the app, all you need to do is to find the restaurant of your choice. After that, you choose your meal. Then you place your order. You can also request for the cooking to begin right away, or add the time you expect to arrive if the restaurant allows it.

The majority of people will still use Uber Eats for meal deliveries. Nevertheless, the Dine-in feature may come in handy for time-pressed folks, or those who simply can’t stand waiting around in restaurants.


An Uber spokesperson confirmed to dining website Eater that it is testing Dine-in as an option in the Uber Eats app in select cities. They include Dallas, Austin, Tucson and San Diego.


The company also told Eater that the Uber Eats app often helps people to discover new dining spots.


So, following an enjoyable meal delivered to their door, they might want to eat out at the location next time around. Uber Eats hopes that diners use the Dine-in option instead. This is even though they can make their own arrangements with a phone call.


Uber Eats dine-in


In a statement, an Uber Eats spokesperson said that the company wants to “enable restaurants to focus on what they’re best at – making amazing food and providing top-notch services.” They added that “by allowing customers to order and pay in the app, they streamline the experience for both customers and the restaurant.”


The upside of adding the Dine-in features is that it’s an easy way to earn commissions for Uber Eats. This is because it only requires the use of the app as there are no logistics involved.


Also, it could lead to more bookings for the restaurants that they might not have otherwise received while diners get to enjoy the convenience and time-saving feature.


Dine-in is likely to roll out in more locations in the coming months. However, that is only if it becomes popular in the current cities Uber Eats offers the Dine-in option. It is also important that a good number of restaurants opt-in to the feature

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