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Uber Cancels ‘Uber Pooling’ In US And Canada Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Ride-hailing platform, Uber has suspended its carpooling service, Uber Pool, in the US and Canada in order to keep the coronavirus spread in check. According to a Tech Crunch report, Uber made the announcement today, Tuesday 17th March 2020.


Usually, Uber’s carpooling service, known as Uber Pool, would allow up to three passengers to co-ride in one vehicle. It did this by matching people who are going to the same destination with one driver.


However, with the recent happenings around the world, the company has seen that it is not in the public’s best interest to continue with this service. Thus, it is pulling it from its suite services. In a statement, Uber Rides and Platform Vice President Andrew Macdonald revealed that Uber was doing this to stall the coronavirus spread.


This policy is effective for Uber users in Canada and the US where the coronavirus is having serious effects. It follows Premier Doug Ford’s announcement of a state of emergency in Ontario, Canada’s largest province.

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Also, Uber’s move is in line with the fact the United States seems to finally be waking up to the danger of the coronavirus. According to a CNN report, there are now about 3,000 confirmed cases in America. Experts on health matters also warn that the whole nation approaches a dangerous point.


While the government is enforcing restrictions on citizens, individuals also play their roles in self-isolation and social distancing.


In addition to canceling carpooling in both locations, Uber also does something impressive. The company said that it has removed the delivery fee for its food delivery arm, Uber Eats in both locations. Also, people can Uber couriers can now leave food requests at people’s doorsteps.


Uber US Canada coronavirus
Uber Eats food delivery will now come without delivery fees in the US and Canada due to coronavirus. Photo: The New York Times.


This is not all, however, as the company pledges to give 300,000 meals to healthcare workers and first responders to coronavirus cases in the US and Canada. Earlier, Uber had offered its drivers full paid leave as well.


It joins other top tech firms in contributing to the joint fight against coronavirus.


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