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Two YouTubers Risk Channel Termination Over Memes

Two YouTubers have been asked to pay $6,000 or risk losing their YouTube channel. MxR and Potastic Panda make YouTube videos in which they react to memes and other online content.


However, it turns out that four videos they watched and reacted to have been owned by Jukin Media with the copyright. The media company has given them a bill for infringing its copyright.


If they do not pay, their channel could be removed due to YouTube’s copyright system.


MxR tweeted his worry due to the ‘three strikes’ rule, stating if he doesn’t pay, Jukin Media could contact Google with all four claims at once and “takedown” the channel.


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The YouTubers risk the termination of their channel

“Today we got hit with a huge bill of $6,000,” said MxR in a YouTube video viewed 1.3 million times. “I think it’s because in the past we’ve paid them about $2,000 (£1,500).


“If you don’t pay they’ll start striking your channel – they’ll basically remove our channel if we don’t pay them.”


Adding that they do a “very thorough search” to see if the content in their videos is already owned by a media company, but it is not always easy.


The company which owns the four videos, Jukin Media, responded with a lengthy social media post, claiming their goal is to make sure the owners of the videos get their compensation.



A channel will receive one strike against it if a copyright owner formally notifies YouTube of a copyright infringement. However, three strikes will subject the YouTube channel to possible termination.


MxR and Potastic Panda, the YouTubers who host the channel, say they received four copyright claims in the same bill from Jukin Media, although, Google hasn’t received a notification. MxR has a personal following of more than two million and their joint channel has 840,000 subscribers.


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