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Twitter verification could cost $20 from November

— Twitter verification could cost about $20 starting in November 2022.
— The charges could change the dynamic around Twitter verified accounts.

Twitter could begin charging as much as $20 for verified users to keep their verification badges. Some sources initially cited a lower price of $5 but others reported that it would be higher than that.

The Verge says that the fees may go into effect in November 2022, just days after the platform changed ownership. The $20 charge would also automatically put users in the Twitter Blue premium class.

The reports claim that users will have 90 days to start paying for the subscription or lose their verification badge. However, the issue here is that the new executives are hastily classing everyone with a verification tick as being well-to-do.

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While the payment may not be an issue for celebrities like sport stars, musicians, actors, and others, it could put unnecessary strain on others like individual journalists. Also, commenters feel that the new pay-for-verification could make the badge lose value.

For example, a CNET report claimed that only about 360,000 accounts on the platform were verified as of 2021. This number represented 0.2% of Twitter’s daily users, making accounts with the badge rare sights and giving them some sort of authentication.

Now, it would likely mean that users that can afford to pay will get the blue tick and eventually, the meaning would be watered down. Of course, what the verification badge meant was that the owner of an account of public interest is authentic. However, we have come to expect some level of responsibility from such accounts.

On the plus side, it could make it easier to weed out fake accounts. The overwhelming reaction has been opposition from many verified accounts.

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