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Twitter Updates Civic Integrity Policy To Stop Disinformation Ahead Of US Elections

Twitter has updated its civic integrity policy to help it fight false information that it anticipates will rise as the US election draws closer. To avoid being caught off guard by its penalties and disciplinary actions, here is what you should know.


In a statement on its policy blog, the social media company writes, “You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes.


“This includes posting or sharing content that may suppress participation or mislead people about when, where, or how to participate in a civic process. In addition, we may label and reduce the visibility of Tweets containing false or misleading information about civic processes in order to provide additional context.”


To understand, the guidelines, users must know that Twitter considers the following as civil processes; political elections, censuses and any major referenda and ballot initiatives.

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Thus, if you Tweet a false or misleading information about how to participate in an election or other civic process, Twitter will remove or label the erring post. It will take the same action against false or misleading posts intended to intimidate or dissuade people from participating in an election or other civic process.


Tweets that are untrue and try to undermine public confidence in an election or other civic process falls under this category. Twitter also warns; “You can’t create fake accounts which misrepresent their affiliation, or share content that falsely represents its affiliation, to a candidate, elected official, political party, electoral authority, or government entity.


But, its says that inaccurate statements about an elected or appointed official, candidate, or political party do not violate the civil integrity policy. Even organic content that is polarising, biased, hyperpartisan, or contains controversial viewpoints expressed about elections or politics will not be labeled or removed.


You can also use Twitter pseudonymously or as a parody, commentary, or fan account to discuss elections or politics.


Anyone can report Tweets that they find offensive and you can see how to do that here. In cases where the Tweets are severe or the profile repeatedly violates the policy, Twitter will suspend the account permanently.


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