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Twitter to start restricting misleading Tweets during crisis

Twitter has vowed not to amplify misleading Tweets during crisis, among other new policies that it plans to put in place. In a bid to stop the spread of misinformation, the social media platform has said that it will be taking special care to promote credible and authoritative information in times of crisis.

This new move is part of its crisis misinformation policy. While the company characterises crisis as situations that threatens life, physical safety, health or basic subsistence, it will only apply the new policy on Tweets about international armed conflict.

Likely, this is a move to further censor content that is about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, it could also apply to large-scale natural disasters and public health emergencies soon.

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In its overview statement on the policy, Twitter said: “We will take action on accounts that use Twitter’s services to share false or misleading information that could bring harm to crisis-affected populations.”

Before taking action against a post, the company says that the post must have the capacity to:

  • Serve as a pretext for further aggression by armed actors, belligerents, or combatants,
  • Trigger forced or anticipatory displacement of vulnerable populations, or lead to increased humanitarian needs,
  • Negatively impact the ability of humanitarian protection, human rights, or relief organizations to provide assistance or access affected populations,
  • Incite the targeting or surveillance of groups that can be identified based on their political, religious, ethnic or ideological affiliation or membership, or organizations and actors protected by international humanitarian law;
  • Disrupt potential ceasefire agreements, peacekeeping operations, or diplomatic solutions to conflict or insecurity, among other matters.

You can read more here to see what sort of posts are or are not in violation of the policy.

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