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Twitter Take Sides As Pastor Ibiyeomiye Threaten To Kill Daddy Freeze

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Nigerians are still reacting to televangelist and Pastor David Ibiyeomie threats to kill broadcaster Daddy Freeze for insulting his “father”, Pastor David Oyedepo.

daddy freeze

He made the threats as he rained curses on Daddy Freeze during his Sunday service. In Ibiyieomiye words, Daddy Freeze is a bastard and he’d kill him.

‘‘If he insults me, I won’t mind; but insult Oyedepo, that bastard who is his father? Does Daddy Freeze have a father? That bastard who was born by a Somalian. The day I hear him insult Oyedepo again I’ll deal with him’’.


The founder of Salvation Ministries insisted he would never let Daddy Freeze disrespect his mentor who he studied under before founding his own ministry 1997.

‘He is insulting my own father and people are laughing. Anybody may not talk but I will talk. I will never be alive and see somebody insult my father. It is not done. You are not born. I will kill you, I will tear you into pieces. Very soon I will arrest him.’’

‘‘If he has a father let him show us his father’s picture. Someone they gave birth to in a ship. Does he look like a Nigerian? I curse the day he was born.”

He also went on to make a mockery of Daddy Freeze, real name Ifedayo Olarinde’s failed relationships.

‘‘The man who cannot marry. He has no wife, he can’t manage his home. He is coming to talk on television. Is it not his wife who left him? A broadcaster, does he have a good job?

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Daddy Freeze describes himself as a teacher of the scriptures and the convener of FreeTheSheeple movement.


According to Premium Times, he responded to a recent message of David Oyedepo, Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church, criticising him for saying the only way to a successful marriage is for wives to be submissive.


Abiyeomie obviously took a strong dislike to Daddy Freeze’s comments and he let him have it.

Nigerians have been reacting to David Obiyieomie’s threats. While some have supported the pastor, many have spoken up against his threats.


Even though he promised to, Daddy Freeze is yet to respond to the death threats at the time of this report.


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