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Twitter Stops CoTweet Feature, Eyes Paying Content Creators

Twitter has announced that it is stopping CoTweet feature which allowed two users share the fame of one tweet. The decision was made without the popularity pole that Elon Musk promised.


CoTweets will remain visible until the beginning of March, when they will all be converted to Retweets. However, it may not be the last we are hearing of this kind of feature as the company added in its blog announcement that it is exploring ways to bring it back in the future.


Not many users had access to the feature in the first place as Twitter was testing it among select accounts in Canada, Korea, and the US. The platform was not the only one that announced this kind of spotlight-sharing feature in 2022 as Instagram did the same.


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The Meta-owned platform had been trying to get creators more credit than they were receiving. So, instead of their post just appearing on the page of the brand they are collaborating with, it can appear in both walls.


Musk bizarre explanation as to the reason for canceling the testing was that Twitter was planning to launch a new feature that allow writers add essays or attachments to their tweets. However, it was not clear how CoTweeting affected this. Whatever the reason, it seems that the CoTweet feature will not be missed.


In related news the platform is working on improving its reward system for creators through a Superfollow feature. Twitter CEO says that it will allow you publish directly on Twitter and get paid. Its beta version is coming as early as next week.


Elon Musk tweets about Twitter axing CoTweet Feature, Eyes Paying Content Creators
Twitter Stops CoTweet Feature, Eyes Paying Content Creators. Image Source: @elonmusk/Twitter.


Also, it is reviewing an ad revenue sharing scheme that will show ads in a creator’s tweet replies. This feature will be especially useful for creators who publish threads.


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