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Twitter Spaces gets ‘Clip’ feature to share recordings

Twitter has announced testing a new tool in Spaces that allows hosts clip 30-second audio moments and share on their TL.

As always, Twitter’s new Space tool is coming to iOS devices first before the social media company will release the web and Android version. Although, it has assured the public that it will be ‘real soon’.

The clipping tool will also first be available to only Spaces hosts and recordings will have a lifetime of 30 days and 30 seconds maximum duration. Besides its tweet announcing it, we don’t know what else to expect from the coming feature.

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Clipping features for social media platforms is not a new thing anymore. Streaming platform Twitch always had a feature like that which allowed streamers share moments that keep resounding long after streams end. Clubhouse also launched a similar thing in September 2021 and YouTube is working on one for live streams and videos with creators.

Clipping beta has launched. When hosting a recorded Space or while listening to a recorded Space, beta testers can hit the icon next to the Tweet button at the bottom and the last 30 seconds will be clipped.

According to mockup images that it shared, Twitter Spaces clipping will be accessible via a new button at the bottom of the app screen. And, creating one will not take more than three steps.

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