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Twitter Removes Trump’s Tweet Over Copyright Infringement

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United States President Donald Trump posted a tweet on his personal account on Tuesday, 9th April 2019. Twitter then swiftly removed the video attached to the tweet for copyright violations.


The copyrighted music featured in the video was from the film The Dark Knight Rises. The video aimed to promote the president’s 2020 re-election campaign. It used part of the sounds from the 2012 Warner Bros. film without permission. A copyright infringement complaint was then made to force the removal.


President Donald Trump tweet removed


The tweet by Trump carried the message “Make America Great Again!” The video, now removed, had the dramatic music in the background. It also showed images of political rivals like actress Rosie O’Donnell, former President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton. The playoff on the video read, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they call you racist.”


Later in the day, the video was replaced by a message that read: “This video has been removed in response to a report from the copyright holder.”


The deletion came in line with Twitter’s copyright policy. That indicates that it may remove copyrighted content in response to complaints under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Twitter has since removed the entire tweet.

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