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Twitter gets a new feature to create GIF directly from camera

Twitter announces a new feature that allows users to create GIF directly from their camera, without first having to upload the entire media.

GIFs are ways to express ourselves online and the new Twitter tool is aimed at enhancing connections. However, when this article was published, the feature was available only available for iOS devices.

Here is how to create a GIF with iOS:

  • Tap on the ‘new tweet’ button
  • Next, tap on the photo icon and select the record button
  • Ensure that the GIF mode is activated before hitting the record button
  • After this, you can post it on Twitter as a media file.

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The Verge pointed out that the platform has still failed to provide a way for users to easily share GIFs — something that many have been complaining about for a long time.

As of now, if you have created your GIF and shared it or if you found one that you like on the platform, there is no option to save it on your PC or smartphone. If you right-click on a Twitter GIF, you will see an option  to copy the address but not to share or save.

Twitter has not revealed whether this new feature will be added to its Android version or not.

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