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Twitter is testing a co-author feature, here is how it will work

Twitter is testing a new feature that allows two accounts to co-author a Tweet in a sort of collaboration, something Instagram has been offering since 2021.

Twitter itself has said nothing about this co-author feature. However, the news came from Alessandro Paluzzi, an app developer, and researcher who prides himself as a ‘leaked.’

Paluzzi had first hinted at the feature coming to Twitter in December 2021, but recently, he had been updating us with additional information.

One of the new details is that you can invite a person or a brand to ‘co-own’ a Tweet. But, the account must be a public one and must follow you back for this feature to work. Once they accept your request, their followers will see the post on their timeline, and it will show the two accounts that co-own it.

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As we have seen on Instagram, there are several reasons why two accounts may want to collaborate on a Tweet. Brand partnerships, influencer campaigns, and just basically sharing credit are all good ideas for a co-authoring feature on social media.

The avatars of both accounts will show at the top left of the post. And one good thing about these additional details is that since you have to be following an account for it to be able to send you a ‘co-author’ request, you are safe from spam badgering.

Twitter has not confirmed the feature, and there is no timetable for when it will roll out. Likely, iPhone users will get to see it first, as usual.

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