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Twitter Is Removing Fake Accounts

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Twitter is now doing its best to automatically remove about seven million fake accounts on the site every week. This is in an effort to fight manipulation on the platform.


The head of Site Integrity at Twitter, Yoel Roth, confirmed this. In an interview with a YouTube channel, he said about eight to ten million accounts were automatically challenged weekly. He also added that a huge percentage of these accounts end up automatically removed.


He posted on Twitter on 8th April 2019.



Fake and spam accounts are now very rampant on Twitter. They pop up every second with a plan to manipulate and influence others via Twitter. They try to influence elections, gather fake retweets and likes, steal credit and debit card information, and try to sell you shady products. The social networking site is, however, doing its best to remove these fraudulent bot accounts.


twitter fake accounts


Stay safe

Twitter is using different methods to verify accounts. If for any reason there was a suspected spam account, Twitter could set out a challenge, or ask a user to solve a reCAPTCHA. It could also ask a user to verify their phone number or reset their password. A fake account will probably find it hard to carry out these simple tasks. Once Twitter notices something fishy, they will automatically suspend the account.


They have also put a cap to the number of accounts a user can follow per day. You can only follow 400 accounts per day. They explained this in a tweet.



Several people are not aware that there are a lot of fake accounts on Twitter. Users are also advised to be careful to avoid being swindled by spam and bot accounts.


Some people also notice that they are losing followers. This is because of the suspended and deleted fake accounts. If you have a lot of them following you, there is a big chance that it will affect your number of followers.

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