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Twitter is not completely blocked in Russia

Following news that Facebook was banned in Russia, several sources also reported that the government had banned Twitter for about the same reason.

Russian watchdog Roskomnadzor had announced that it was acting on a request from Russia’s Prosecutor General, issued on 24 February 2022. The directive had been for Twitter to not censor content from state-run media brands like Sputnik and RT. However, the social media company refused and went ahead to label the handle itself.

So, going forward, when Sputnik tweets, it shows the label: “Russia state-affiliated media,” as seen in the screenshot below.

A Twitter spokesperson on Friday said that the company had not seen anything out of the ordinary concerning use. Before now, the social media company had confirmed restrictions for some users but nothing out of the ordinary that would suggest a ban.

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“We’re aware of reports, but we don’t currently see anything significantly different from what we previously shared that would point to a block,” the company said.

With restrictions from all sorts of industries being placed on Russia, it is surprising that the country has not started retaliating against tech companies and others. Despite still being only partially restricted, it is a matter of time before social media companies will be banned as well.

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