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Twitter Ex-Employees Are Building Spill To Replace It

Two former Twitter employees, Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell and DeVaris Brown, are building an alternative microblogging platform called Spill. While it is not yet available for use, you can join the waitlist signups and reserve your username.

Kermit the frog | Reserve handles on Twitter Spill alternative

Phonz was one of the thousands of employees that were laid off during the Elon Musk takeover in November 2022. However, Brown left the company two years earlier.

The two have seen what works and what didn’t work with Twitter as Brown had served as product manager lead at the company before and will be Spill’s CTO.

From the get-go, Spill will have monetisation features on a blockchain technology which charts posts that goes viral and compensate the creators automatically. They made it clear that the payments will be in ‘real cash’ and not crypto.

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In addition, the platform will have a live news feed section for posts, which it is calling spills. There would also be online and IRL events called tea parties, where hosts gather other users for discussion and get rewards like post boosting.

Another key feature that Spill will have is a large language content moderation model AI that takes African American vernacular English into consideration. As Brown explained, the current AI models were built by people who didn’t understand the cultural contexts of other languages besides their own. He adds that their AI will be much more accurate in catching offensive content than the ineffective blanket approach of traditional AIs.

Spill will start with a small team of about 10 people and three advisors, which will likely involve other former Twitter employees.

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